Specialized Headache Relief Massage

30 minute session/ $50          1 hour session/$95

Headaches present in a variety of  ways and are also very unique to each person.  With that in mind, this massage is not a cookie cutter solution but well tailored to each individual.   There are common muscles and regions in the body associated with headaches.  Combining various massage techniques in a strategic sequence, many clients experience decreased frequency as well as severity after the first session.  This massage can be used when you are in the throws of a headache, but if you are someone that has headaches often, such as once per week or more or any rate of occurrence that you are not comfortable with, this session should be scheduled as a part of your preventative treatment plan.  This is a drug free option that treats root causes.  Possible barometric pressure sensitivity is something to be  aware of.  Weather X is my chosen app to tract incoming pressure shifts.  Unfortunately our region experiences a significant amount of pressure changes throughout the year making it a challenging place for the barometrically sensitive.  

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Rachael's Signature Express Neck Relief
15 minute session/ $30
Although express, this massage packs  profound  results!  I've strategically pieced together this massage throughout my 19+ years of experience as a massage therapist.  The neck is my favorite area on the body to release because it's one of the most common .  If you have reduced range of motion in your neck you can not do practical but very important things like safely check and monitor traffic while driving.   Many people experience dimished sleep due to not being able to comfortably position their neck without discomfort. Expect a mix of light, moderate, and  very deep pressure.   Essential oils are used during this session but can be ommitted.  Those who have experienced this feel like they've been given a new neck.  Also, if I feel something structural that may be wrong in your spinal column I will give you a referral for deeper examination with a trusted Chiropractor from my referral list. An example of a structual abnormality would be if someone presented with a reverse curvature in their neck (cervical region).  As a massage therapist I am not allowed to diagnose, but I can certainly flag a potential issue and offer a referral. 

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Sinus Relief Massage Session

20 minute $30

45 minute session/ $70

Sinus Relief massage is great for soothing and relieving nasal congestion, relief from the side affects of  chronic sinusitis, to help recover from a sinus infection, etc.  Through various massage applications results can be experienced during  and after the session.  Choose between  the 20 minute express session & 45 minute expanded session,    

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Relaxation Massage Sessions

30 minute session/$45    45minute session/$59    1Hour session/$78    90 minute session/$130    2Hours session/ $155

Get away for what feels like a mini vacation full of restoration and blissful nurturing!  Relaxation massage involves a slow application of traditional Swedish massage techniques; long fluid effleurage strokes that increase circulation while calming the central nervous system, kneading petrissage to soothe away tight muscles and general soreness while lifting metabolic waste from the tissues increasing the muscle health, traction to stretch and lengthen, and tapotement!  The warmth of the hands helps to gently soften stiff connective tissue.  This massage is light - light/moderate pressure.  Feel restored and brand new with a relaxation session.  It's okay if you fall asleep.  Life is so demanding and we wear so many hats.  We take napping as a compliment and encourage rest and recovery!  

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