Business Policies

Feeling Sick?

It sounds like such a great idea to get a massage when you are sick and achy with sore joints, but actually getting a massage while sick will potentially make you feel much worse as the bacteria or virus causing your illness is widely circulated.  Also it is best for my health and the health of my other clients to not be exposed.  This is the time to reschedule.  I appreciate it.

Medical History

All clients are required to fill out a medical history form to be placed on file and  updated as changes in health occur.  This is for both your and my safety. 

New Clients

New clients will be asked to provide a credit card to be placed on file to reserve their appointment.

Late Arrival

My time is valuable and I also respect my other clients time.  I know things happen- traffic, last minute phone calls, things at work/home, but your late arrival will require that I end the session at the scheduled time, meaning  that your session will unfortunately be shorter.  I have reserved a time for you and only you and have other people scheduled after you time.  


A 24 hour notice of cancellation before your scheduled appointment is required.  If less than 24 hour cancellation is given you will be charged for the full amount of missed schedled appointment.

No Shows

No shows will be charged the full amount of the missed appointment.

Sexual Advances

Please don't do this.   Your massage session is for  therapeutic value.  Any sexual advances will IMMEDIATELY END YOUR SESSION!  Full payment will still be expected.