Specializing in Headache Relief Tension & Migraine

  Hello & Welcome!  Massage therapy should be apart of everyone's plan to maintain their health.  It's a powerful natural option to manage, reduce, and often eliminate the aches and pains that come from everyday living.  Sometimes that means that you are unable to turn your head due to stiffness or pain felt,  or maybe an area of your body just feels tight, sore, and tired.   Are you burdened with feelings of numbness in your arms and hands?   Often I see people that are burdened with pinched nerves.  Low back pain is a common complaint next to shoulder and neck pain.   My specialty is headache relief,  both tension & migraine- Something that I once suffered horribly from finding massage  therapy to be my key to relief & freedom from overusing Advil.

If you are overly stressed you will receive relief just minutes into your  massage.

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Rachael E Thompson C.M.T  L.M.T