Welcome to my passion, my skill-set, to a life of transformation and healing, welcome!  I am looking forward to a journey and partnership with you.    Massage therapy should be apart of everyone's plan to maintain health! Addressing muscles, tendon, ligaments, and connective tissue, massage therapy is a powerful natural option to manage, reduce, and often eliminate aches and pains that arise from everyday living, while avoiding negative side effects that accompany reliance on pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter options.  Your body will be free to move as it was designed to with flexibility, power, and grace at peak performance so that you can fully show up in life!   

Specializing in Headache Relief Tension & Migrain

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 Fascial Restrictions     Fibromyalgia   
 Golfer's Elbow 
 Muscular Imbalances     Nerve Impingements
 Plantar Fascitis   
 Runner's Knee 
 Scar Tissue Relief   Scoliosis   
 Tennis Elbow   
 Tension Headaches  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
My headache journey began as a young child and during my middle and high school years I lived as a horrific headache sufferer often abusing the recommended dosage of Advil.  Attending The Soma Institute for Clinical Massage Therapy in Chicago exposed me to an amazing and elevating understanding of the body!  Words can not begin to express how empowering it was to understand the root of my suffering, furthermore having the ability to self treat headaches experienced!  Education empowers!  It is one of my greatest joys to share my knowledge and skillset to transform the lives of my clients.  Early in my career headache treatment became my passion and now remains an area of specialty.