Specializing in Headache Relief Tension & Migraine

Hello & WelcomE!

I'm Rachael, thanks for stopping by!  I provide therapeutic massage therapy to ease and erase aches and pain that come from everyday living, to rehabilitate from the trauma of motorvehicle accidents, work related injuries, slips & falls, and all of life's other unfortunate occurrences,  & to help you stay well in the best of working order. My specialty is treating headaches both tension & migraine. I also incorporate  essential oils into my massage sessions because they help to enhance and deepen the affects of my therapy while providing a pleasing aromatic experience!

I believe that EVERYONE can benefit from receiving a massage.  Regular massages can help to relieve stress, improve your ability to handle stress, reduce muscle tension & areas of chronic pain, improve headaches both tension & migraine providing a non-pharmacologic treatment , increase flexibilty, assist in reducing high blood pressure-hypertension, provide a more graceful aging process, reduce and eliminate numbness and tingling, improve the sleep of those undergoing cancer treatment , and much more improving your overall health & vitality!

I offer 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minute massages. To receive the optimal benefit from a massage I recommend regular treatments at least once a month, twice monthly is better, and weekly is best.  

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